Crooked Teeth

Tell me, we both matter, don't we?

crooked teeth
tell me, we both matter, don't we?
this is where i post my fanfictions and a variety of jumbled thoughts from real life. fanfictions are open to all, but other posts are friends locked. feel free to add, just tell me first :)

♥ kingdom hearts
♣ soul eater
♠ harry potter
♦ avatar: the last airbender
♥ pirates of the caribbean
♣ 21 jump street
♠ buffy the vampire slayer
♦ assassin's creed
♥ code geass
♣ fullmetal alchemist
♠ inception
♦ star trek
♥ doctor who
♣ ncis
♠ house
♦ criminal minds
♥ darker than black
♣ ouran high school host club
♠ xxxholic
♦ black butler
♥ corpse princess/shikabane hime
♣ eden of the east
♠ gunslinger girl
♦ death note
♥ the hunger games
♣ avatar: legend of korra
♠ fruits basket
♦ x-men
♥ neon genesis evangelion
♣ sherlock
♠ spice and wolf
♦ kuroko no basuke
♥ skins
♣ fringe
♠ trigun

when the lights come on this whole place gets ugly
but when they're out, strangers fall in love
she could never say flat out that she don't want me
cause i could never say that halfway ain't enough...

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I was stamped as Captain Jack Sparrow at keybladerating!

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According to my personality, Demyx should be my brother ♥ =]

Rikku and I look like sisters! =]

I was stamped as Wakka for the Final Fantasy Theme!

Hayner should be my best friend :)

I was stamped as Aurora for the Princess of Heart theme!

I belong in the Twilight Town Kids group!

I was stamped as Axel for the Antagonist Theme!

I was mirror matched with Aladdin!

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